At En-Suite Hospitality, we focus on a carefully created portfolio of distinctive vacation lifestyle experiences catered to our guests. Our services are extensive, but we bring you exclusivity, authenticity and luxury with an extra touch.

Private/ Resident Chef

Escape the stress of vacation dining and endless worries of deciding where and what to eat while you take that tropical vacation.

Savor a truly luxurious experience and let your En-Suite Private Chef create delicious and personalized meals tailored to the unique preferences of your family or group.

No more cooking on vacation or restaurant hassles, say hello to a taste of the Caribbean, a taste of international cuisines all prepared in your vacation villa. Best part is you may just be saving money from dining out daily.


Private Dining Experience

Celebrate your love, special event, or just enjoy a private dinner for families/ friends right in the privacy of your suite, villa, yacht or wherever you choose. We meticulously curate a culinary experience that invites all your senses to indulge.

Our team takes care of all the details including add-ons such as live music, decor, bar services and much more so you won’t have to.  


Private Butler

Enhance your vacation villa experience with an En-Suite Private Butler.

Butler services are not usually something you can find in any vacation villa, this is usually left to Select Resorts however En-Suite’s commitment to luxury goes above and beyond…. showering our guests with a custom butler service. 



VIP Airport Assistance

It’s your vacation and we understand that as a traveler the stress of long wait lines, security checks, busy airport terminals with limited seats etc. can be taxing.

There’s no need for this. Our VIP Airport assistance is designed to help you escape all the stress, routines and troubles that can come with flying. Our airport VIP service includes meet and assist, airport fast track, private lounge reservations, and executive transfer services.


Private Airport Transfer

Take the stress away of booking a taxi on arrival or for departure, we are here to help make sure your journey goes smoothly. Our drivers are well equipped, professional and experienced in getting you to the front door of your villa and back to the airport on time for departure.

There’s no worry about flight times changing – we take care of the whole journey for you.

Choose from our Executive Transfers or Private Vehicle Transfers. We ensure our vehicles meet the comfort you expect.


Private Spa Services

What makes us different from going to the spa centre? We created a luxury spa experience to enjoy without the worry of sharing any of the facilities with anyone else, or the stress of possibly not being too private.

Our select Spa Therapy services come to you in the complete privacy of your villa or at a select private location.




Exclusive Tours & Activities

Embark on a thrilling adventure across Antigua in your island Safari, take a trip to our sister island of Barbuda or indulge in a private champagne sunset cruise, we have something for everyone.

We have carefully selected and curated tailor-made activities that provide an unforgettable experience. There is no better feeling than having a safe and enjoyable time full of laughter and memories with just your family/ friends and not having to necessarily share these with anyone else.


Villa Provisioning

Take the stress out of stocking food and alcohol for you and your guests by hiring a villa provisioning service. We personally and meticulously source, hand pick and carefully select the highest quality of items and deliver your shopping right to you. 

With a bit of coordinating…your grocery list and beverages can be stocked and ready for you when you arrive at your villa.